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Back to 2007, we were the only Socks factory located on the West Coast. There was a lady drive 2 hours to visit us. Expecting us to make a pair of specified diabetic socks for her. The socks need to be super loose and flexible around the calf, not stretched whatsoever. Meanwhile, the material need to be super comforable, warm and breathable. If it can inhibit bacteria that will be perfect.
To invent a pair of socks like this, the development cost would be unpredictable huge, but we were really touched by the mission of this pair of socks. This might benefit millions of people who are struggling from diabetes.

It took us 3 month to get the socks perfectly as required, then the lady thanked us before paid $5 and went home.

Beyond our expection, the socks we invented for the lady had brought us many business opportunities. We've been selling these diabetic socks for 12 years worldwidely and helped many friends and families.

What is the significance of doing this kind of thing? I think it's all about the initial intention or your mission - "Love what you do" and "Help others" which is the faith of +MD.

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